All You Need Is Love 1

All You Need Is Love

Yes, I am a slightly annoying Beatles fan. I read their song lyrics as much as I listen to them, this one especially. I have dissected this song to the point that I could probably write a thesis on it. But, you can’t tell me that one phrase those four English men made millions off of singing doesn’t sum up most everyone’s life goals of finding true love.

I used to think the term “true love” was how I was exclusively supposed to feel about the man I would marry. I would meet him, fall in love and “boom” – my forever and only true love. Over time, I have realized that true love really has no restrictions, no guidelines and it’s certainly not solely designated to your significant other. Love comes in all shapes and sizes. For some, love is on four legs with a wagging tail. For others, it’s their children, grandchildren or nieces and nephews. Heck, love can even be for a lifelong friendship or a lifesaving therapist. Love isn’t restricted to the person you crawl into bed with at night. True love is all around us and most are fortunate to have it many areas of life.

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All You Need Is Love 3

Love can do amazing, incredible things to the mind, body, and soul. It can lift you to places you’ve never dreamed of, fill your heart with feelings you didn’t know you had, make your mind spin like a dizzy child and keep a smile on your face so long it makes your cheeks hurt. As we all know, thanks to Mr. Maguire, love can complete you. The way I feel when I pick up my children every day from school, or when I give my bestie a squeeze after not seeing her for months is indescribable, but probably understandable to anyone reading this. You can’t describe the good feeling, the positivity, the uplift that love gives you. It’s genuine happiness.

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All You Need Is Love 5

But, what if I challenged you? What if all those amazing feelings you had – those feelings when your sweet dog snuggles under your feet at night, or when your husband walks in the door after a week away… What if you took all of those feelings and felt them about … yourself. What if you looked into the mirror each day with loving, respectful eyes and expressed the same amount of endearment and kindness that you did to your loved ones? Judgment free? Purely from a place of seeing the best and positivity? Wouldn’t that be something!? To give our bodies, our hearts, our minds a break and just “love” on them? Today, Valentine’s Day, I urge you to sit back and think about who and what you love. And after you reflect and give them some much deserved V-Day love, remember to do the same for yourself. And maybe, just maybe, that self-love will start to become a habit. Love is all YOU need…

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