Welcome to Chic Meets West, a digital haute-book. I’m Krista, Founder and Curator. When you enter my site and explore my brand, I’m welcoming you into my life.

Chic Meets West is about more than likes and follows; it’s a place to be the most uncompromising version of yourself. No apologies and no turning back, this is a space to discover and embrace the sides of you that may have been buried deep in your closet.

Dedicated to the ambitious and daring, we throw out the rule book and tailor the wardrobes of our dreams. Chic Meets West style is defiant, luxe, bold, and courageous. It has a lightness, too. Think of it as cool Cali comfort with a chic city edge.

Your individual “style” has the ability to help define who you are on the inside, but most importantly, gives you the confidence to do anything you want.

Chic Meets West is a blog, but it’s also a brand. It’s a look, but it’s also an attitude. Occasionally, I’ll choose pieces I can’t live without and share them with you so you can add them to your wardrobe and your life. Come on this journey with me. We’ll push the boundaries of style while exploring the corners of fashion and life.

Let’s style, design, curate, and create together.

Welcome to Chic Meets West.


To A Chic Summer Wardrobe
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