50 Shades Of Green 1

50 Shades of Green

Have you ever stopped to think about how many shades of green there are? I can name a few just off the top of my head … Jade, Emerald, Sage, Kelly, Lime, Mint. They are all so vibrant and beautiful in their own unique way. I was visiting London last week and, while shopping at Selfridges, I came across this beautiful 70 old woman in a striking emerald green blouse paired with a vintage gold & peridot Chanel-esque broach and fitted black overcoat. My first thought was “OMG, style goals.” I gracefully commented on what a beautiful color green it was on her and she smiled at me like I was 12 and proceeded to say something along the lines of green being one of the most overlooked colors in a wardrobe. Well, I have to agree. So, I am writing this post to tell you all how green can be incorporated into your wardrobe, and not just at some stuffy Christmas Eve dinner with your in-laws where you are dressed like a nun.
Like most wardrobe pieces, green is timeless. I love seeing how top designers use it so perfectly each season – Gucci’s fun electric green sweater, YSL’s emerald shoulder bag, Isabel Marant’s pistachio knee high western boot. It’s such a great color to accent in jewelry too, from a statement earring or ring to my sweet little Selfridge granny’s broach.
Isabel Marant
Saint Laurent
Of course it is super easy to sport green around the Holidays, but I think it can be more fun than just a hunter green cable knit sweater. Think of this as your time to finally wear a gorgeous jewel tone green or an amazing green plaid that feels more winter than festive. I was styling a client of mine and found this stunning dress by FRAME. She had never put anything green on her body before and her reaction was as blatant as mine – WOW. I mean, show stopping. My recent favorite is a mini dress by Retrofete, which can be found here at FORWARD by Elyse Walker. To me, this sparkly little number defines the holiday spirit –merry, bright and a little mischievous. And don’t forget that resort is right around the corner. I am daydreaming about a white cover up with some rich Kelly green embroidery or a pair of light green tinted lucite shades.

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