5 Easy Ways to Protect your Hair from the Summer Sun? 1

Oh, summertime hair. Between the sun shining down on your gorgeous locks (and scalp!) causing your color to fade, chlorine from pools and salty ocean splashes, and the straight up heat drying out your strands, this is the season to take care of your hair more than ever. It’s also no secret that as we age, our hair isn’t as lustrous and full as it once was. It’s like some nasty trick Mother Nature plays on us – giving us more wrinkles and less hair to hide them.

So what’s a girl to do? Over time most of us invest a fair amount into skincare products to keep us looking young and vibrant. But when we ignore haircare basics- especially in the summer- we’re throwing away that investment — the quality of our strands ages us too. So, fight back against Mother Nature with some of my favorite haircare tips and(mostly natural- beat her at her own game -wink) products.



Start with the inside and consider taking a collagen supplement. Some studies have shown that collagen helps to build hair proteins and strengthen roots. It could even help prevent hair loss and graying. I like the Hum brand for collagen capsules.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.
Haircare brands are infusing moisturizing treatments in everything now, not just conditioner; layering moisture in with moisturizing shampoos, detangling sprays that double as a leave-in conditioner, renewal sprays, and even styling products. At least once a week I do a 10-minute hair mask, keeping my strands soft and frizz-free for the week ahead.

Also, drying your hair is…well…drying. So give your roots and ends a break if you can and only wash and use heated styling tools every few days. Oh! And this towel is so good; I love it for easy drying.

Air Drying vs. Blow Drying
High heat tools like blow dryers (and even those straighteners and curling wands everyone has become obsessed with) dehydrate your tantalizing tendrils, causing damage and breakage. Luckily, there are some fantastic products made for air-drying your delicate dreds, try this, this or this. I also love this towel for fast, easy drying. But make sure not to “rub” into your scalp, as that too causes breakage. Finally, be patient. When the summer temps skyrocket, air drying doesn’t take much more time than blow-drying, even if it feels like it does.

Think of shampoo as you think of laundry detergent. If you wash a t-shirt all the time, what happens? It looks faded, loses its shape, and becomes less vibrant. That’s what shampoo does to your hair; over-washing is real, and instead of keeping your clean curls fresh, it causes those fragile fibers to become dull and break. So avoid shampooing every day and keep your hair’s shape by stretching out your style. The dry shampoos popping up on the market keep you looking fresh without over drying and help cut back on oil build up.

Taking a day or two off from shampooing and heat styling also helps cut back frizz.

Sun Protection
As much as I love a car sunroof, the sun streaming in on your scalp and hair all day is damaging, so first ‘thing’s first – close that sunroof. Second, check out these fantastic sun protection products, they’re sunscreen for your hair. Spray it on!

When all else fails, note the emphasis, pull it up or throw on a hat.
But a word to the not-so-wise about hair ties: toss the rubber bands. Period. They grip onto your hair and pull your precious strands out. I love the light, fabric bands. And, despite the recently revived trend, ‘I’ll never wear a scrunchie. Ever.

You can’t ignore your hair and toss it in a pony or bun all summer long. Like skin, the bounce and glow won’t last if you don’t take care of lovely locks when they need it the most. Make summer your haircare season, and ‘you’ll enjoy the benefits well into fall. 🖤

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