3 Chic Hair Hacks for Dirty Hair Days

These three hairstyles will refresh second-day hair and beyond!

3 Chic Hair Hacks for Dirty Hair Days These three hairstyles will refresh second-day hair and beyond!

I don’t remember when everyone finally agreed that daily hair washing was a bad idea and would dry out your hair, but I would like to commemorate that date in history. For this busy blonde, washing my hair is a CHORE. Between chasing the kids, running the household and taking calls and meetings all day, my hair doesn’t get the love it deserves. And as I get older, that lack of love shows, so I’m always looking for easy things I can do to give my hair a quick refresh. Enter these three chic hair hacks for dirty hair days, all updos that make me look presentable, even in steamy South Florida.

How do you hide greasy hair without washing it?

Before I share a few of my favorite pulled-back looks, let’s start with the basics of any updo:

1. Slightly Dirty Hair

Your hair will hold an updo best if it’s 1-day dirty. It shouldn’t be super dirty, but you do want the moisture in your hair to balance. If it’s freshly washed and squeaky clean, it will be too “slick” and will fall out of the look too easy. 

2. Add A Little Mousse

When you do wash your hair (the day before your updo), use product in the roots to help create texture and hold. A mousse is great for this. 

3. Get Wavy

Having some waves and hairspray in your hair will help almost any updo look effortless and hide any tiny flaws. 😉 

These three hairstyles will refresh second-day hair and beyond!

Here are a few easy styles that you can do at home with some bobby pins and hair ties. Maybe toss on a scarf when you can for extra style. You’ll look instantly chic and pulled together!

The Chignon

This YouTube video by Alex Gaboury is an excellent tutorial on the chignon. I love this because it’s fast and easy, works with medium and long hair, and even when it’s messy, it still looks 100% chic and elegant.

The Low Bun

Like the chignon, I like the low bun. When a style is low (and not piled on top of your head), it instantly looks sophisticated and chic. Alex makes great hairstyle tutorials (she has a ton of hair, but these definitely work with shorter hair, too!).  I love this one

The Top Knot

We all have those days where we need something less “fancy” and more “cute, easy, fun”; this is where the top knot comes in. The key to a good top knot is only putting the elastic over half of your pony for the first run. It will make a lot more sense when you watch this quick video by Jena Wright about her easy, 2-minute messy bun. 

These easy updos are the perfect hair hacks to update your style, all while protecting hair from the daily damage washing can cause. And let’s face it, that protection is key to keeping our hair looking youthful as we age. Sometimes I think how funny it is that we update our style, our homes, and even our fragrance as we move from our 20’s to our 30’s and 40’s, but somehow we think we can use the same shampoo, conditioner, and self-care routines. Just as your life evolves over the years, your beauty routine should as well. Here are the six best ways I’ve found to refresh your hair care and beauty routine as you age. Next Page –>

3 Chic Hair Hacks for Dirty Hair Days These three hairstyles will refresh second-day hair and beyond!

Your Questions Answered

How do you hide greasy hair without washing it?

  1. Dry Shampoo 

Don’t wait until your hair starts to feel greasy, instead use dry shampoo the first night you go to bed without washing. Dry shampoo not only keeps your hair feeling clean longer, but it also adds texture, which –as discussed above, is great for styling updos! 

If your hair gets oily fast, try this dry shampoo from IGK, is specifically designed for oily hair and scalp. 

   2. Change Up Your Look

I live in humid Florida, so an updo that gets my hair off my neck is a delight. But if you still prefer to wear your hair down, consider parting it a different way. Then just spray in a little dry shampoo at the roots, and you’re good to go.

   3. Dry-Blowdry It

As with any heat products, use with caution and maybe a touch of heat protectant. Run your blowdryer through your dry, unwashed hair to dry out some of the oil and revive the body.

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