2022: New Year, New Goals

Top 3 Goals to Set in 2022

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​No matter what your personality type – whether you are a non-stop, over-organized “Type A” or a laid back, creative “Type B” – it’s always beneficial to reflect during this time of year. I have taken some serious time to look back throughout the 364 days of 2021 and really assess the year’s test of my strengths and weaknesses, accept the goals I maybe met or lost track of, and acknowledge both its successes and failures.

The one goal turned success turned strength that I have taken from 2021 is that I have finally learned that there is no positive outcome for me or my loved ones when I am too hard on myself. Much of my 30’s was spent beating myself up, both on the inside and out. I was embarrassed by my weaknesses, scared to go out of my comfort zone to achieve my highest set goals, and so focused on my failures, I forgot about any successes.

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It took a lot of effort and self-discipline, but I have found a way to be humbly proud, to silently fist pump when the checkmark goes next to the goal box, and to quit beating myself up when faced with failure … I have found a way to be nice to myself, to laugh a little more.

In a way, it is accepting that the true beauty of me, you, and people is that there is no such thing as perfect. I used to look at myself in the mirror daily and say, “just one more pound to lose,” “one more wrinkle to erase,” “one more bad-ass party to plan for my kids,” “one more perfectly planned trip for my spouse or friends.” Self-perfection consumed me. I lost sight of what really mattered; the people around me that loved me even if I wasn’t ever going to be a supermodel, or I was slightly annoying to watch football with, or I accidentally swapped my kids’ lunches once a week.

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Once the sense of guilt was lifted off my shoulders, self-acceptance took its place. I realized that my body was way more healthy when I didn’t work out five days a week, that my husband made sure we had more than one TV in the house so he could watch the Steelers in peace, and my son was actually giggling when the rainbow flower lunch box ended up in his school bag.

2022 will bring on new goals and challenges. I have tried to make them as simple as possible, and instead of focusing on just “me,” focusing on things that will not just help me, but help others around me

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My Top 3 Goals to Focus on in 2022

2022 Goal No. One

Be Conscious of When to Put Down the Phone: Whether it be helping my children with their homework, watching the current episode of Yellowstone with my husband, or finally getting a moment to write blog pieces like this, I need to learn when it’s “time” to put down the phone. One of my pet peeves is watching a couple out at dinner, barely speaking to each other because they are on their phones, answering work emails, or catching up on their IG posts. But my examples above are just as bad. My kids need me, my husband needs me, my aspiring website needs me. Our social media-obsessed society has made this “okay,” but the reality is, it’s not.

2022 Goal No. Two

Invest in Beauty, Health & Wellness Routines That Will Improve My Future, Not Just My Now: I had kids later in life, and I have realized over the past year a major priority for me is to be able to “keep up.” My kids are young and active, and they want me out there shooting baskets or teaching them how to snow ski. The only thing I can do to ensure that happens, is to focus on the future and commit to treating my body better. For me, that is working out in a healthy, non-obsessive manner, eating for longevity versus weight prevention, and making simple lifestyle changes like committing to applying sunscreen daily.

2022 Goal No. Three

Don’t Be Afraid: I am a person that has enormous self-doubt. It’s actually a very frustrating trait of mine, for others, and especially for me. I am constantly wondering if my choice is okay with the other person or if what I wore to dinner was too flashy. When I started my website several years ago, I was afraid to show people who I really was. I was writing pieces that were mainstream and afraid to post pictures of myself that were not “on-trend.” 2022 will be me stepping out of the box a little and putting myself out there, maybe a bit more fashion-forward or just actually saying what I want with confidence.

So, as the New Year approaches, I hope we all can take a deep breath and see our own ways to make 2022 the best year yet. What are some new goals for the new year? Cheers!

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